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Welcome to The Optimus You

"Bridging the gap to the essence of YOU"

We are all told, “live your life to the fullest”; We are here to do just that. The Optimus You serves as a vessel to claim what is yours and inspire you in this crazy world. So, let’s get ready to water your garden, relax, and read on.

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Who I Am and What I Do

My background

Allow me to introduce myself, lol.  My name is Chantal Gray.  I graduated with a Psychology degree coupled with working as a mental health nurse for the past 11 years. I have see a lot in the health field and felt a deep knowing to explore more within the health sector.   I always knew I was a very sensitive individual that was in tuned with others.  I expanded by practicing Reiki and other metaphysical techniques (oracle cards and crystal healing since 2019.

I work uniquely applying a fusion of biological, cognitive and energy release techniques to relieve you of physical symptoms that have emotional and spiritual roots.

Whether there is pain, depression and anxiety issues, confusion in general.  Reiki and energy work enables shifts to happen to allow forward movement in all areas in your life.

I’m grateful to be diverse in assisting clients and mostly work with adults who are dealing with anxiety and depression, experiencing major life changes, are lacking motivation, have pain (internally and/or externally), poor stress management and put traumatized negative stress energy into powerful performance energy.

My goal is to show you the power of healing that already exists within you-that it’s yours to claim and thrive off of. Step into the possibilities within yourself and fly!!!!!

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Alternative Therapy

The holistic approach to healing is more and more prominent in the Western world as people are experiencing the benefits.  Reiki and Energy Oracle card readings have become staples for many in their biological,  emotional, physical and spiritual health while complimenting both traditional or other holistic treatments

See below to learn more and book your first session

In-person Reiki


Reiki is a style of healing in which the Practitioner assists in activating the receiver of the Reiki body's own healing mechanism.  An emotional, mental and/or physical shift takes place to assist the receiver in achieving emotional and physical harmony

Energy Oracle Readings


Intuitive Reading are incredibly helpful in understanding what is currently happening in your life, what you need to pay attention to and revealing ways forward.

I use Oracle and Animal cards, intuitive writing and a pendulum.  The way I work is constructively to help you take control of a situation you may feel you do not have control over.  The Universe is always speaking to you and my goal is to have your feeling lighter uplifted and in the driver seat of your magnificent life.

Distance Reiki


Clients love receiving distant Reiki because they get to enjoy the experience in the comfort of their own home.  I often get asked what the difference is in terms of effectiveness and the answer is there is no difference.  Both are profoundly powerful and peaceful experiences.  I work with clients over the phone or video call the same way I do with in-person with a quick brief on any possible pain points they might be experiences whether emotional or physical.  I check the Chakras then begin taking notes providing in depth feedback.  I then proceed the clearing in which I may engage the client some breathwork to allow a release to take place.  After, this is complete the call is ending-I follow up with some notes for the client to take reflect on so that it stays at front of mind.

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The Optimus You

Thanks for your interest in The Optimus You. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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